It’s normal for you to have a hundred questions when you are considering what could be an amazing experience abroad. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! We have all been exactly where you are, and we know how valuable our information can be.

We’ve answered the most common questions students have about Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We hope you will find all the answers to your questions here, but if you don’t, contact us!

Below, you will find the most common questions that thousands of students have asked us:

  • Are YouTOOProject services free?

    Yes, they’re totally free.

    Our services will not cost you. We will help you every step of the way so you can plan your ideal trip to study and work in Australia, Canadá or New Zealand.

    We have agreements with over 200 education institutions and they are the ones who pay our fees. If you decide to do the process through us, you will pay exactly the same as if you do it directly with the school. It could even be cheaper as we have access to special offers all the time. This sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?

  • What is the process required to study in Australia, Canada or New Zealand?

    We know it really well mate! Let us guide you through every single step.

    We are experts in Australian, Canadian and New Zealand education, so if you want to move to, give us a buzz and we’ll help you. This is the first step! Sounds easy, don’t you think?

    To find out what else we’ll need to do, check the Student Visa process.

  • What can I study in Australia, Canada or New Zealand?

    f you don’t know English very well, the best thing you can do is learn the language. From there you can study a VET course or even go to a university to do a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. The sky is the limit!

  • Which is the best city for students?

    That’s the million-dollar question! What would be my favourite city? Without a doubt, this is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make before moving to Australia, Canadá or New Zealand.

    There are thousands of kilometres that separate each city. Each one has a different weather and offers several lifestyles. Our Listeners can help you decide where the course you want to study is available  and give you some advice according to your needs and expectations.

  • What sort of visa do you need to study in Australia, Canada o New Zealand?

    This will depend on what you want to do in and your nationality. The most frequent ones are: Tourist Visa, Student Visa and a visa to be able to work.

  • Can I work in Australia, Canada or New Zealand?

    Sure thing! You can work as long as you have a valid visa that allows it.

    Like everywhere else in the world, the bigger the city the more likely you are to find a job. However, in small towns there is a lot of tourism depending on the season so that could work out too!

  • Do I need any vaccinations to travel to Australia, Canada or New Zealand?

    There are no mandatory vaccinations to move to these 3 countries, unless you have been in an epidemic area during the two weeks prior to your arrival. Travellers from tropical countries will have to double check what extra requirements they need before boarding the plane.

  • Which is the best season to arrive to Australia, Canada o Nueva Zelanda?

    Whenever you decide to come!

    The best answer is – always! It’s always a great time to move to Australia, Canadá or New Zealand.

    Honestly, your experience will depend on the state in which you choose to live. Here’s a tip: keep in mind that the further North you go, the higher the temperature will be! We recommend that you ask us and we will advise you according to your stay plan.

  • What is the cost of living in Australia, Canada or New Zealand??

    This will depend on your lifestyle, the city you choose to live in and how you will organize your life Down Under.

  • And if I need to do a bank transfer?

    To start your adventure, you will need to transfer some money to your new Australian, Canadian or New Zealand Bank Account. Before doing this, you should check the current exchange rates and your bank’s commissions. We normally work with Transferwise but its totally up to you!

  • How do I get a SIM card for my Aussie phone?

    Your COOLaborator from YouTOOProject will help you buy your SIM card and choose the best plan according to your needs and the offers available at the time of your arrival.

    There are many places to buy your pre-paid SIM card.

    We strongly suggest you unlock your Smartphone before traveling. Once in your destination, this can be expensive, and you may end up having to buy a new phone.

  • What is a backpacker?

    Backpacking is a form of low-cost, independent travel. We also call hostels – backpackers. There are thousands of backpackers and they are one of the most popular and economic accommodations when traveling. It is also an amazing way to meet people and discover other cultures. You’ll find people who are there for a couple of nights and others who actually live there for longer periods of time. In general, there is a young and fun environment and it is easy to make friends.

    There is an international hostel card, that gives you some discounts. We suggest you get it before starting your trip.

  • It is possible to travel with my partner to study in Australia, Canada or New Zealand?

    Of course! It is possible to apply for a Partner Student Visa. However, you will need to prove that you have been in the relationship and living together for at least a year. You can do this by  providing documents such as: rental agreements, joint bank accounts, photos, flight tickets, etc. If your partner visa is approved, only one of you will need to study and the other will be able to work part time. Contact us and we will help you!