Our team of COOLlaborators is the most important service that adds value to your experience.

They’re young people who speak Spanish/English, live in the most important cities and towns of the country, and whose mission is to support you so you can have a great time since day one. They’re responsible for welcoming you when you land and helping you take the first steps to settle down in your new destination.

Thanks to our COOLlaborators, we can help you during all the steps of your trip: from the moment you start planning it to the day that return home.

  • 1. Before your arrival

    When you have your plane tickets, we’ll assign you a COOLlaborator

  • 2. When you land

    Your COOLlaborator will welcome you within 24-48 hours of your arrival

  • 3. During your adventure

    During the time you are our student, your COOLlaborator will keep in touch with you

  • 1. Before your arrival

    When you have your plane tickets, we’ll assign you a COOLlaborator. He/she will give you some tips and send you a guide to your city. He/she will also help you:

    • Solve last-minute questions about your destination.
    • Advise you on where to stay for the first few days.
    • Understand how to get from the airport to the city.
    • Set the date on which you’ll meet in your destination.
  • 2. When you land

    Your COOLlaborator will welcome you within 24-48 hours of your arrival to help you settle down in style:

    • Open your bank account.
    • Request your personal number to work.
    • Get a SIM card for your mobile.
    • Check your CV.

    In your first meeting, he/she will explain how to get to your school and advice you on:

    • Which are the best neighbourhoods to live in.
    • How public transport works.
    • Where and how you can start looking for a job.
  • 3. During your adventure

    As long as you are a YouTOOProject student, your COOLlaborator will help you whenever possible:

    • Add you to the WhatsApp group of students.
    • Support you when you have a problem.
    • Solve your questions about your destination.
    • Invite you to our events and workshops!


Before going on, we recommend that you read the frequently asked questions about the COOLlaborators and their COOLlaborations:

  • What can my COOLlaborator not help me with?

    The COOLlaborator cannot:

    • Look for job offers.
    • Be with you during job interviews.
    • Find accommodation for you or book it for you.
    • Pass him/herself off as you on the phone.
    • Go with you to the doctor.
    • Write your CV.
    • Go shopping with you.
  • Will my COOLlaborator be available 24 hours a day?

    You have to bear in mind that the COOLlaborators are people like you, international students who, little by little, have found their place in your destination. They have their jobs, friends and lives in this country and while they’re delighted to welcome you and help you as much as possible, they can’t be 24 hours a day looking out for you.

  • Will my COOLlaborator answer all my questions?

    Travelling could be considered an independence exercise. Before calling your COOLlaborator, we ask you to ask yourself: “Have I tried to solve the problem by myself?” Try it! If you succeed, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

  • Is it a free service?

    Totally free as long as you’re an YouTOOProject student!

    Give us a buzz to help you make your dream come true.

  • Where does the salary of the COOLlaborators come from?

    Being a COOLlaborator is an important job and that’s why YouTOOProject pays  COOLlaborators for each student they welcOOme and help settle down in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

    Where does the money come from?

    Sometimes you ask us how YouTOOProject is financed, if we’re a non-profit organization or if the courses are more expensive if you hire them through us. So, we’ll tell you everything:

    1. International education institutions seek support from outside companies to help them with the recruitment of international students.
    2. When an YouTOOProject Listener enrols a student in an academic course, the school gives a small fee to YouTOOProject- and that’s what keeps our company going!
    3. It should be pointed out that the amount paid by the student for the course is exactly the same as if he/she had done it directly with the education provider. We even have exclusive sales from the schools that you can benefit from!
    4. We decided to give a part of this small commission that we receive, to the COOLlaborators so that the students who travel to Australia, New Zealand or Canada with YouTOOProject have a friend on arrival.

    A GOOD DEAL, isn’t it?

  • Can I have a COOLlaborator even if I’m not an AUssieYouTOO student?


    This is a service that we can only offer free of charge to students who have hired a course through us. If you don’t come with us as a student, it’s very difficult for us to assign you a person to wait for you at your destination. However, if you travel to Australia, New Zealand or Canada soon and think you need the support of one of our COOLlaborators, we can offer you the service for $200 dollars.