• Support in your new destination

    When you land at your destination, we will be there every step of the way offering you the following services (for free):


    A friend on arrival who lives in your new city. The COOLaborator will explain everything you need to know about the new destination. This page is dedicated to the team of COOLaborators who are always ready to guide newcomers and help them get settled fast and hassle free.


    WhatsApp groups

    We will add you to the WhatsApp group of your destination so you can chat and network with other students who are in the same city. We are a big family abroad and you will get to share your experience with everyone!


    Welcome workshops

    If your destination is Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Melbourne, you are invited to our free workshops. In these events, the COOLaborators will help you find a job and accommodation as quickly as possible. During the workshop you will get all the resources and tips you need to settle in your new home. If your destination is not part of the list, your COOLaborator will help you individually by giving you tips on arrival.


    Monthly events

    We love events! We want you to come and meet us at our barbecues, our fitness sessions (CrossFit, yoga, volleyball, surf camps) as well as our trips and parties. Remember: You will have the support of your COOLaborator and the entire team during your stay!

We will help you :)
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