• Visas and other paperwork

    Does it overwhelm you to think about visas and paperwork? No worries mate! We are here to help and guide you throughout the process to make everything very easy. We will help you:

    1. Enrolling at the school of your choosing
    2. Arranging the mandatory medical insurance.
    3. Applying  for the visa you need.

    Did you know that we apply for more than 1,000 student visas per year?


    Does this service have a cost?

    No! Our counseling services are free. We represent education providers and they are the ones that pay for our services.

    Additionally, the price of the course is the same if you enroll directly with the school or if you do it using our services. So why not let us help you? 🙂


    How long does it take to enroll?

    If you are clear about what you want to study and the destination, we can process the enrollment in less than a week. FAST

    However, usually, our students take their time to decide and look at different schools.

    There’s no rush, we are here to help you find the best alternative according to your needs and expectations.

    We recommend that you start the process 6 months before your trip. The reason? You will be able to get your visa approved earlier which will allow you to buy your flights with time and get cheaper prices 🙂


    Why do I need to enrol in a school?

    It’s a necessary process in order to apply for the student visa.

    Once you have chosen the school and program you want to study, we will fill out and send the enrollment form or Application Form to the school. If you meet their requirements they will accept you and send you a Letter of Offer that you will need to sign. This is a document that contains all the details about your program (course) such as price, dates, duration, conditions, etc.

    If you need help with the payment, we will indicate the steps to follow in case you have to do an international money transfer.

    After the payment is received you will get the confirmation of enrolment or de Code of Enrolment which is the paper required to apply for your student visa.


    How long does the visa take?

    Once we have the confirmation of enrolment,  we can apply for the visa. The application form can be filled out in one or two hours if you have all the documents ready, and then you will have to wait for Immigration to send us an email with the GRANT NOTIFICATION saying that your visa has been approved.

    The normal thing is that you receive news from Immigration in a few days or a few weeks, but it could take longer … Better do it early! Just in case…


    Is health insurance mandatory?

    It is not for all visas but… it is for students! Healthcare for foreigners in the destinations we offer can be very expensive. Our advice is that you always travel with health insurance to be safe and hope you never have to use it!

We will help you :)
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