Would you like to study in Australia?

As one of the top student destinations in the world, Australia is a great alternative to study and work abroad.

Most of our students begin with an English course. And then, as their level of English improves, they start professional VET courses or even go to university.

If you already speak English, we have many options for you to improve your academic and professional future!

  • English Courses

    Courses for all levels and exam preparations

  • Vocational training

    Vocations courses in all sectors

  • Professional Education

    Thinking of studying at Australian university?

Why study in Australia?

  • You can work. With the student visa that we will help you apply for, you can work part-time while you study, and full-time during your holidays. A perfect mix!
  • You will always remember it. You will not only learn and improve your professional skills, but you will also live a unique and unforgettable adventure. Impressive beaches, surf, young people, amazing weather and, above all, ‘good vibes’.
  • You will live a dream! According to the UN, Australia is the second place to offer the best quality of life in terms of education, public health, safety and even happiness rates.
  • You will learn a lot. Not only because of the high standards of Australia’s education system, but also because you will immerse yourself in a new country and a new culture!
  • New opportunities. Australia offers very good opportunities, especially for young people who have a good educational background and speak English. Come get them!
  • You will get paid. In Australia salaries are high. You can pay for basic expenses: food, accommodation, phone bills… and even save money to travel!
  • What can you study in Australia?

    Most of our students start with an English course and then move on to a professional VET course in a public or a private institution. You can also consider taking university studies related to your career, undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available in all fields.

    If your level of English is good, you can study anything that comes to your mind. And if you have difficulties with the language, don’t worry! Sign up for an English course and you will see how quickly you improve your language skills.

    You can combine the courses you want to create an ideal study plan for you. For example, you can study an English course to get you started and then a preparatory course for IELTS or Cambridge. Or you can enroll in an English course and then a yoga course. There are a thousand combinations!

  • Steps to study in Australia

    The first thing you should know is that we are experts in Student Visas. So, if you want to start your adventure, don’t hesitate and contact us so we can help you with the following steps:

    1. Choose the course. What type of course do you want to study? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know English, if you want to improve it or if you already know the language. In Australia there are different types of courses in all fields for international students. We will develop a study plan according to your needs and expectations.
    2. Choose the city. Which Australian city is the best fit for you? You will tell us about your lifestyle and what you are looking for. We will provide information about all the cities in Australia, to find the perfect destination for you.
    3. Limit the time you want to spend in Australia. It’s hard to stay in Australia forever, but you can easily do it for a period of time! In order to apply for a student visa, the minimum stay is three months and up to a maximum of four years.
    4. Choose the school. It may sound easy but there are countless schools, universities and academic institutions in Australia. We will go over the best options to find the perfect school for you.
    5. Enroll. We take care of all the paperwork. The price of your course is the same if you hire our services or if you go directly to the school. Save time, misunderstandings and a lot of headaches and let us do it for you!
    6. Be sure! We will arrange the mandatory medical insurance for you. With the student visa it is mandatory to travel with medical insurance. Another thing that you can leave in our hands!
    7. Apply for your visa. Now is the time to apply for your visa and… “Oh no! It’s all in English ”,“ what does this mean? ”. Do not panic, you will complete the visa application with an expert who will be by your side at all times.
    8. Buy your ticket. Surely by now you are so happy and excited you are jumping up and down. However, don’t forget to use the discounts that the airlines offer to our students to get the best prices for your flights.
    9. Meet your COOLaborator. They help you book your acommodation and during the first 24-48 hours of your landing, they welcome you in your destination. You can count on your COOLaborator during your entire stay in Australia!
    10. Time to fly! Ready to go on an adventure? The steps to follow are clear to you, now you just need to go live your dream abroad.
  • Come to Australia!

    In recent years, Australia has positioned itself as a paradise for international students. Studying Down Under, has become the best alternative for students who have the goal of undertaking an adventure, traveling, learning English or improving it and studying abroad.

Why YouTOOProject?

  • More than 9,000 students from all over the world have traveled using your services.
  • We are travelers! We have been living abroad for many years and we have over 8 years of professional experience working with the international education industry. Our team lives or has lived in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Malta, Dubai, South Korea and Canada.
  • Our Travel and Visa Department processes more than 1000 student visas every year. We have a 99% approval rate!
  • If you find a cheaper price, we will match it!
  • We work with more than 200 education providers in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
  • We love new adventures! We are pioneers in this industry. We were born in 2012 as the first online agency in Spain. Then we expanded to LATAM and now the world!
  • We will be like your family abroad. We not only provide counseling services before you travel. We also take care of each of our students when they land and until they return home.
  • We are a recognized company. Students recommend us and the media loves our project!
  • We have been an online agency since 2012. We can assist you wherever you are. We like to sleep at night and rest on weekends but we will be with you whenever you need us!
Learning English will be your excuse, the best of all is that you will study in Australia.
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