Yes, you can work in Australia!

The answer to the question ‘Can I work in Australia?’ is ‘Of course!’

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and doesn’t know what a crisis is! Over the last few decades, their economy has grown steadily not to mention they have a very low unemployment rate. Are you in?

The first thing you need to know is that to be able to work in Australia, you need to have a valid visa that allows you to work.


It depends on your nationality, age and professional profile… however the most common ones are the Student Visa or the Work and Holiday Visa (available only for certain nationalities).

  • Student Visa

    Without age limit and for all nationalities

  • Work And Holiday Visa

    With age limits, English requirements and only available to some nationalities

  • Jobs in Australia

    English is the official language of the country, so if you want a job where you will need to communicate, you will need a good level of English!

  • Student Visa

    The Student Visa is ideal to live, study and work for a while in Australia. It has no age limit and it allows you to work part time (40h every fortnight) during the course and full time when on holidays. This visa is available to all nationalities and you can also include your partner!

    We really know about this one so go ahead and ask away!

  • Work and Holiday Visa

    It is a visa for people under the age of 31 who want to travel and work in Australia for up to 12 months, with the possibility to do another 24 months depending on their nationality.

    If you want to start you adventure studying, we can help you applying for your visa and welcoming you to Australia with one of our COOLaborators.

  • In which industry can I work in Australia?

    Australia is a huge country with job offers in all sectors and industries, but don’t get too excited! If you want to get a qualified job, you’ll need an excellent level of English, a lot of motivation and a very positive attitude. It won’t be an easy road!

    Most of us have a basic level of English when we arrive Down Under, so the jobs we apply for are, in general, unskilled jobs like cleaning, gardening, washing dishes… These are what we call ‘jobs that will help you survive’. But if you’re the kind of person that thinks: ‘I’m looking for a job and I don’t mind where’, there’ll be something for you.

    You have to have an open mind, ready for the adventure and willing to adapt to a new style. As Marta says in her blog, ‘Australia isn’t a country for lazy people’.

Why YouTOOProject?

  • More than 9,000 students from all over the world have traveled using your services.
  • We are travelers! We have been living abroad for many years and we have over 8 years of professional experience working with the international education industry. Our team lives or has lived in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
  • Our Travel and Visa Department processes more than 1,000 student visas every year. We have a 99% approval rate!
  • If you find a cheaper price, we will match it!
  • We work with more than 200 education providers in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
  • We love new adventures! We are pioneers in this industry. We were born in 2012 as the first online agency in Spain. Then we expanded to LATAM and now the world!
  • We will be like your family abroad. We not only provide counseling services before you travel. We also take care of each of our students when they land and until they return home.
  • We are a recognized company. Students recommend us and the media loves our project!
  • We have been an online agency since 2012. We can assist you wherever you are. We like to sleep at night and rest on weekends but we will be with you whenever you need us!

Why study in Australia?

  • You can work. With the student visa that we will help you apply for, you can work part-time while you study, and full-time during your holidays. A perfect mix!
  • You will always remember it. You will not only learn and improve your professional skills, but you will also live a unique and unforgettable adventure. Impressive beaches, surf, young people, amazing weather and, above all, ‘good vibes’.
  • You will live a dream! According to the UN, Australia is the second place to offer the best quality of life in terms of education, public health, safety and even happiness rates.
  • You will learn a lot. Not only because of the high standards of Australia’s education system, but also because you will immerse yourself in a new country and a new culture!
  • New opportunities. Australia offers very good opportunities, especially for young people who have a good educational background and speak English. Come get them!
  • You will get paid. In Australia salaries are high. You can pay for basic expenses: food, accommodation, phone bills… and even save money to travel!
Learning English will be your excuse, the best of all is that you will study in Australia.
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